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I am so glad that I found this Piri stretcher and these piriformis stretches that I share with you on this site. It started as an annoying pain in my lower leg while I was playing tennis. Then the stiffness became much worse and MUCH more painful. I tried everything the doctor told me. Nothing was working and the pain was crazy! I wish I found this Piri stretcher and piriformis stretches when my piriformis syndrome first started.

This stretch and piriformis stretcher start to work immediately. One of my favorite parts is its an all natural therapy. I received the Piri-Stretcher in the mail very fast ( I overnighted it). Everything was in the box that was supposed to be there. The product worked great. I was able to open it and find relief immediately. I would definitely do business with the seller again. It is a little pricey. Especially since it is a knee brace with a handle. But it is very well made and I could not find anything else like it. This Piri stretcher is made for this exact stretch so you can find instant relief. 

Piri stretcher + Piriformis stretch

Don’t waste your time on other imitation Piri stretchers. Piriformis pain has been around for as long as I want to remember. So there are a lot of fakes and replicas. There are a lot of ways to stretch the piriformis muscle. But this all-in-one Piri stretcher is the go-to product for instant and consistent piriformis relief. If you use this stretcher with the stretches on the homepage. you should find instant relief. This Piri stretcher has been my main source of daily piriformis pain relief. It just makes doing the stretch that I do every day so much easier. I tried to use a towel or Tshirt. I even tried using a built. In the end, I wish I had just got this product before I wasted all my time on the other ideas I seen on the internet.

Piriformis Syndrome Stretching Tool

The Human anatomy is comprised of various three types of muscles. These muscles are prone to health condition originating internally or as a result of a mechanical injury. Piriformis syndrome is a neuromuscular condition which causes deep buttock pain, posterior hip pain and sometimes shoots pain down the back of the leg. Any activity which exerts pressure over the Piriformis muscles elevates the pain. Such activities include running, climbing stairs or sitting for long hours.

Piriformis syndrome prevalence

According to statistics, the incidence of Piriformis syndrome is 6%. Six out of seven cases are recorded from females. In one study, 45 out of 750 of the hospital patients reporting Lower back pain were suffering from Piriformis syndrome. Majority of Piriformis syndrome cases are reported from people aged between 18 and 55 years. The syndrome is characterized by low back pain, sciatica, pain while sitting, radiating leg and thing pain, buttock soreness and gluteal pain while driving.


If your physician thinks you are suffering from the condition, he or she will put you through a series of test to be sure. It starts with standardized physical exams and progress to imaging tests. You might be required to do MRI or CT scan. These analysis helps to establish whether you are suffering from sciatica, a condition that shares same symptoms with Piriformis syndrome, or just Piriformis syndrome. For clarification, it is possible to suffer from both Piriformis and sciatica.


Depending on the severity of the Piriformis syndrome, a number of treatments option may be recommended by the doctor. One of the traditional and most effective methods is using a Piriformis syndrome stretching tool. This is a home exercise tool which offers direct stretch in Piriformis muscle to bring Piriformis syndrome relief. Piri-stretcher is specially designed for leverage, isolation and maximum control to help the patient gently stretch the Piriformis muscle. What it does is let the patient focus on the affected muscle. This exercise is possible with no Piri-stretcher. However, not all of us are flexible enough to isolate the Piriformis muscle. By using the tool, you do not have to memorize the rigorous exercise characterized by uncomfortable twisting and crunching. Piri-stretcher makes the process easy. All you have to do is wear the Piri-stretcher and relax into a focused stretch.

Many Piriformis syndrome patient reports the results as amazing once they use Piri-stretcher. They say, “It completely elevate the pain and discomforts.” All this happen without having to undergo medications, painful injection and sometimes surgery which is costly.

How is Piri-stretcher made?

The Piri-stretcher is made from high-quality neoprene including two flexible straps for customized fitting. It has an easy to use hook and loop fastening system. Piri–stretcher is designed for two levels of stretching; a long strap for light Piriformis and a short strap for deep stretching. This stretching tool is hand washable and very convenient to pack when traveling.

Piri-stretchers come with instructions. The entire stretching process is broken down into three simple steps.

First step

Start by fastening the Piri-stretcher around the right leg, centered over the knee. Fasten it to the other leg and ensure the handle aligns with the knee.

Second step

Lay on your back and arch the leg with the Piri-stretcher into the air. Your knees should be pointing up in the air. From there, rest your other leg on top of the stretcher knee just like you are crossing your legs usually.

Third step

Using your hands, grip the Piri- stretcher, take a deep breath and gently pull it up, towards your chest. Hold for 2 seconds then release your leg slowly. Exhale and relax.

Why choose Piri-stretcher over other methods of treatments?

Unlike other forms of treatment, Piriformis syndrome stretching tool is an all-natural, non-evasive method to bring Piriformis syndrome relief. With a few stretches per day, the patient can achieve focused and precise Piriformis muscle relaxation. Another advantage is the easy-to-use making it possible to be handled by the patient alone. This eliminates any need for help. Overall, the Piri-stretcher is convenient for the patient who not only gets Piriformis syndrome relief but also saves money compared to the cost of alternative methods of treatment.

Piri -stretcher buying guide

Unlike most other products, there is no many Piri-stretcher. Less variety means purchasing won’t be a daunting task. There are three different version of the Piri-stretcher in the market.  Whichever one you opt, you will get a bonus of travel satchel to store and carry the stretcher tool while on-the-go.

The lite version is recommended for that patient who travels a lot. It has one-size-fits-all design and a one-pull strap. The plus make is best for use at home and also traveling. It is designed with one adjustable size, two pull straps, and an east flex system. Meanwhile, the pro version is best for both home and clinical use. It has one flexible sizing, two pull straps and like plus an easy flex system. All these models can be purchased from various online stores, e.g., Amazon and upon order, the Piri-stretcher can get delivered right to your doorstep.

Other Piriformis syndrome treatment methods

Physical therapy treatment is another beneficial form of Piriformis syndrome treatment. This type of therapy has shown tremendous results, especially when used in conjunction with manual therapy and stretching. Use of ultrasound and/or moist heat before stretching also bring Piriformis syndrome relief. Soft tissue massage to the lumbosacral and gluteal regions elevate tightness of the affected musculature and decrease irritation of the sciatic nerve. Cold packs and sometimes, electrical stimulation might be applied after manual therapy. Using cold modalities reduce inflammation that might have been triggered by stretching. Surgical intervention might be considered to patients in acute phase Piriformis syndrome.

Whichever the method used to achieve Piriformis syndrome relief, it’s imperative that the technique used should not cause overstretching which consequently lead to further irritation of the sciatic nerve. Once the condition begins to become asymptomatic, light sport-specific activities should be initiated. Most importantly, the patient should abstain from the poor lifestyle that triggered the health condition. They include poor ergonomics and faulty pelvic mechanics. Besides that, daily stretching is critical when preventing recurrence of the Piriformis syndrome.


1. A little more expensive than I would like to pay.

2. It is a glorified knee brace with a handle on it.


1. IT WORKS!!!! I can’t tell you how much pain relief this has brought me.

2. It is very well made and sturdy.

3. It comes with very clear and helpful instructions for use with the piriformis stretch.

4. It came fast with no hassle. 100% satisfied!!

Piriformis infographic for the Piri stretcher


Piriformis piri stretcher infographic


Here is a quick and easy infographic for the piriformis muscle. It illustrates the piriformis muscle to better help you in your quest for relief from daily discomfort. If you take this knowledge added to the Piri stretcher and the great piriformis stretches that we show you on this site. You have a much better chance of having long-term relief from your piriformis pain. Don’t forget to read the great reviews of the Piri stretcher on Amazon. I hope I have helped shed some light on this very painful condition. That unless you have experienced it, you probably have never heard of it. But if you have experienced it, then you know all about it. Remember to visit our site often not only for the stretches but we update and add the latest info that pertains to the Piri stretcher or and piriformis syndrome news.