Piriformis Pain Relief Kits

Piriformis Pain Relief Kits

EDITORS CHOICE: This is our choice for the best overall full body pain relief kit offered on Amazon- Trigger Point Total Body Deep Tissue Self-Massage (6 Piece) 

This full body self-message kit is designed for athletes to help increase their range of motion, flexibility and at the same time, it increases tissue strength by addressing muscle tightness and fatigue.

Since it is a 6 piece set you really get your money’s worth as opposed to some of the smaller pain relief kits. It has a lot of great reviews on Amazon. So go check it out and see for your self.

Sciatica Pain Relief Kits and Piriformis Pain Relief Kits 

On this page, we will be discussing Piriformis pain relief kits to help you with your piriformis syndrome needs. These Piriformis pain relief kits are from the manufacturer TriggerPoint. This is a company that has specialized in these kits for runners and athletes for years. All of the piriformis kits we discuss are of the highest quality available on the market. So we might sound like we are chosen one pain relief kit over the others. Well, we are but that does not mean that in any way we think the other pain relief kits are not worthy of the chance to cure your piriformis syndrome.

We are offering these products through the Amazon affiliate program. So if you click the link that takes you to Amazon and buy a product, we do get a very small percentage to help maintain this site so we can continue to bring you relevant and useful information. So even if you don’t see the actual product that you want on this page. You can always click the link that takes you to Amazon. That way you can see the literally 1000’s of piriformis products that they offer. Also, you can see all the customer reviews on the certain product or products that you are looking for.

After all the best place to get information about products that you plan on buying it from people who have already purchased and used the same products. So allow their mistakes to save you time, money and aggravation. Personally, I try to live to buy that method. It seems to allow me to spend less and avoid the frustration that’s included in the process of buying products that I have never bought before

Piriformis Pian Relief Kits

Let’s talk a little bit about piriformis syndrome and pain for a few minutes. This is going to be a little long so bear with me. I’m going to review three products on this page so if you want to skip to the reviews feel free to scroll down, otherwise keep reading.

In my experience, piriformis pain relief can only come to you once you learn how to deal with it on a daily basis. It can strike at any time so you need to always be prepared. The best way to prepare is to make sure that your piriformis muscle and the muscles in your legs and glut area are always loose and limber.

The best way that I have found to accomplish this is with deep massage and stretching. The three kits on this page will all help you with these two things. If you haven’t already done so be sure to watch our piriformis stretch video series. After you do that come back to this page and choose one of these kits. I have broken them down into beginner, intermediate and advanced. Choose the one that works best for you.

Some quick tips for your piriformis pain relief kits:

  • If you are a couch potato, go with the beginners kit.
  • If you occasionally go to the gym and/or sometimes play sports like tennis and golf, go with the intermediate kit.
  • If you are a serious athlete who trains almost daily, you’re definitely going to want to go with the advanced kit at the bottom of the page.

I am going to describe how each of these products has helped in my recovery from piriformis pain. I have used many products on this journey, but what I am offering here is a closer look at some of the ones that I have actually found useful and worth the investment. Please don’t forget that these products by themselves do not cure piriformis syndrome but paired with a regular stretching routine these products can be key to your long-term success. I have spent quite a bit of money on a range of different products in each of the specific areas. They all say that they cure whatever ailment that you are suffering from. We all have seen those commercials late at night with the catchy phrase “If you call right now we will double your order”. So here is my take on the products that actually will help you.

Trigger Point Kits For Your Piriformis Pain Relief.

I have been dealing with piriformis pain for several years. So I have gone through quite a few products searching for the ultimate piriformis help. With the combination of the Piri-stretcher for my immediate piriformis pain relief and the Trigger Point kit for my long-term piriformis pain relief. I have been able to find relief from my constant battle with this pain that is caused by the piriformis muscle being irritated and inflamed. That pain kept me from doing the things I liked to do.

I would spend so much time taking it easy to try and “rest” my muscle. Then I would re-injure it not long after because I never did anything about it in between injuries. Basically, I only dealt with it when it hurt and that was it. So after doing a lot of research and a lot of product testing with actually injured people. I settled on this massage kit. I also learned a lot from the information they provide. To treat the actual issue and stop treating the symptoms. So I made a few changes. I added some daily stretches and daily massages. I have also added a piriformis seat cushion for all the time I spend sitting behind my desk or in my car. As you can see these kits are only part of a bigger program for long-term relief from piriformis pain.


Piriformis Pain Relief Kits


OK, so enough about pain let’s talk about piriformis pain relief! I’m not going to kid you, you will be living with this for the rest of your life. You are just one bad step away from a full-on piriformis pain attack at any moment. Be ready for it!

Have some Tylenol or Advil ready at all times. Make sure you know exactly which stretches work best for you. Buy one of these kits below and make sure it is with you at all times. Even while you are traveling.

Please trust me on this, the last thing that you want to do is to be stuck somewhere without the tools that you need for your piriformis help. Just because you are feeling better now does not mean that you can’t have an attack at any time.

As I’ve mentioned in other areas of the site I love to play tennis. I don’t love being hurt though. It took me three years from my first piriformis injury until I was able to get back on the court again. Had I known then what I know now I could’ve been back on the court within a few weeks maximum?

Don’t be like me. That’s why I made this site so that I could lay this all out for others who are suffering from piriformis pain and need relief. I know that it’s probably the most excruciating pain that you have ever felt in your life. Unless of course, you’ve given birth or so my wife tells me.

3 Different Piriformis Massage Kits

On this page, I will be comparing three different Trigger Point massage kits. I will also do my best to explain each one of their benefits. Everybody is different with different levels of ability. So one of the immediate things that I like is that they offer multiple level packages for all levels of ability. From beginners to advanced and from the average person to the professional athlete. They also offer great information that is very useful for when you are focusing on a specific muscle group and or specific pains. But we will just focus on the massage kits themselves on this review page. I will also try to explain not only the benefits but the differences between all three kits.


Piriformis Pain Relief Kits

Beginners Trigger Point Kit


The official name for this kit is the “Trigger Point Performance Foot & Lower Leg Kit“. Since that is such a mouthful. I prefer to just call it our beginners kit for short.

If you are a couch potato or lead a relatively sedentary lifestyle this kit is definitely for you. Use it in conjunction with our videos and you will see instant results.

The cold truth is though that you are going to have to be more active and stretch on a regular basis if you want relief from your piriformis syndrome. Sitting for long periods of time will actually hurt you more than it will help you when it comes to piriformis pain.

This is the best starter kit available for dealing with your piriformis pain. It is also by far the most popular kit on Amazon. This kit has over 50 reviews so you can trust that it works and that it will bring you the help that you need for your piriformis syndrome.

Some quick tips for your piriformis pain relief kits:

  • Baller block. An elevated platform for your use with the massage balls and rollers.
  • Trigger Point Massage Ball.
  • Footballer. A small roller.
  • Instructional DVD.

By far the most useful item in the small kit is the massage ball. It’s great for releasing the tension in your pure form us muscle especially after doing heavy activities.

I like to use this kit after playing tennis or running. This is something that would be helpful after a long walk if you are feeling tightness in your piriformis afterward. Use this kit in conjunction with some of our piriformis stretch videos and you will definitely get the relief that you need.

Piriformis Pain Relief Kits

Intermediate Trigger Point Kit

The official title of this kit is almost as much of a doozy as the first one. It is “Trigger Point Foundation Starter Kit for Deep Tissue Self–Massage (4 pieces)”. Hopefully, you don’t mind if I just call it the intermediate kit. There is no video with this kit but that reminds me that I need to stress to you the importance of using our piriformis stretch videos once again. Be sure to use it in conjunction with whichever kit you decide to purchase.

OK, this kit is for those of you who have a little more active of a lifestyle.

  • Do you play tennis?
  • Do you play golf?
  • Do you paddleboard or bicycle frequently?

If you said yes to any of those questions or if you’re into any other type of sports or physical activity such as dancing etc. this is definitely the kit for you.

The intermediate kit definitely has the tools that you need to give you piriformis pain relief. This is a full range kit to get you going. It has all of the initial tools that you will need to find the piriformis pain relief that you have been no doubt been looking for. It is a really good mix of what the other two kits have to offer. You will definitely be able to get a good feel for the entire overall programs ability to help you immediately and long-term. When you are ready to take it to the next level you will have a great foundation to work with.

Some quick tips for your piriformis pain relief kits:

  • Two Trigger Point Massage Balls. They are a versatile little tool with a firm core wrapped with a material that is cushioned for achieving that deep tissue stimulation.
  • The Baller Block this unique tool gives you an elevated platform for the best range of motion when you use Trigger Point items. It also serves as a place to store your Footballer and Massage Balls when you are traveling or when you are not using them.
  • A Footballer which is a firm but solid roller perfectly sized for a hands-free experience while you massage your lower foot and leg.

I really like this kit because you do not need to be a professional athlete or have masters in kinesiology to use it. I have been using a Trigger Point Kit for my long-term piriformis pain relief program that has been very effective for the last few years. This kit and the information that is included is created to guide any level user, beginner through professional. It comes with simple but high-quality equipment and very informative instructions. They do a very nice job of blending the complexity of biomechanics with the simplicity of massage into one easy to follow a program designed for your level.

Use all of the Piriformis Pain Relief Tolls Out There.

When you combine this video program with the piriformis stretch videos on this website, you will be able to obtain the long-term piriformis relief that you are looking for. This kit also offers a Video Portal that you will be able to gain access to by a code given to you when you purchase the kit. The step-by-step instructions will help guide you through all of the self-massage techniques on four different parts of your body.

The parts of the body covered in the video are the 4 basic but key parts to your long-term success. They are the lower leg, glut, hip and the pectoral muscles. When you really focus on these areas you gain a wide range of mobility to allow your body to move much better and decrease your muscular discomfort while your body is kept in motion throughout the day. It also helps make your muscles more relaxed at night while they stay motionless for long periods of time.

Piriformis Pain Relief Kits

Advanced Trigger Point kit

[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B013E37Z98″]

This is the “Trigger Point Performance Collection for Total Body Deep Tissue Self–Massage (6 pieces)”. Seriously I think Trigger Point needs to hire me to name these kits. I’ll call this one the advanced kit. I think that rolls off the tongue a bit better than their behemoth of a name.

The name notwithstanding this is definitely the most advanced and useful massage kit that trigger point makes. I really like the Quadballer roller as it’s big enough to use on my quad and glut area. I’ll usually just lay it on a hard flat surface and then position my leg on top of it. Rolling back-and-forth helps me to stretch out my sciatic nerve and piriformis muscle at the same time.

You should be using this kit daily if you are athletic. If you are involved in any type of sporting activity this is a great way to help prevent piriformis pain. As usual, I can’t stress enough how you should use this in conjunction with our piriformis stretch video series. Don’t just do a few exercises and stop because you’re feeling better. Break out this kit every single day and be proactive with your piriformis syndrome. Take it to the gym, take it to the tennis court, take it to the football field just make sure that you have it near you whenever you are doing any kind of sporting activity.

Trigger Point Performance Collection

I am very thankful that I found this massage kit. It works So Well! I found this after a friend of mine told me about it and he swore by it. This is the kit that introduced me to the Trigger Point collection. I would always complain about the pain I was experiencing. My buddy decided that he had heard enough and decided to help me. He told me about the Trigger Point Performance Collection that a lot of the athletes he works with use. I had been dealing with extreme pain and immobility on and off for years. I had been to several doctors and everyone one of them prescribed something different for my issues. Mainly pain pills and bed rest. None of them agreed on what it was or what was causing it. So I took the advice of my friend and I am glad I did.

Some quick tips for your piriformis pain relief kits:

  • Quadballer. A large roller for use on your quads. (Also great for piriformis help).
  • Footballer. A smaller roller.
  • Baller block. An elevated platform for your use with the massage balls and rollers.
  • Two Trigger Point massage balls and a handy sleeve to carry them.
  • Access to the Trigger Point video portal.
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty.

This is a very well made product. I did have a hard time getting over the price because it’s a bit pricey but it turns out that it was well worth the cost. This is the most versatile massage kit of the three that I have reviewed. The smaller rollers are perfect for targeting the muscles that are hard to really get to with traditional foam rollers or massage sticks. It is great for rolling out my arches. It is just as good at giving yourself a foot massage. Rolling the balls on my feet, it really stretches and loosens the muscles and tendons in my feet after walking 18 holes of golf.

More importantly, this kit really helps with my piriformis syndrome. It works just as well on all of the upper body muscles and tendons. As long as I use it regularly and before I go for runs I haven’t had a flare up! Not one time since using this kit on a regular basis. That said I can’t give all of the credit to the advanced kit. You have to stretch daily if you lead an active lifestyle.

Piriformis Pain Relief Kits End Result

The end result is that this kit has done more for my piriformis pain relief and overall physical well-being than the all of the “meds” or “remedies” the doctors gave me. I highly recommend this tool to anybody who is suffering from piriformis syndrome. It’s worth the money!

That wraps up my reviews for Trigger Points massage kits. I’m certain that you will find piriformis pain relief if you purchase one of these kits.

Again the trick is to use it on a regular basis though. I can’t stress that enough. You have to stay loose and limber if you have piriformis syndrome. It’s the only way to avoid and/or deal with a piriformis attack.